Major Employers

Dickson County is IMMENSELY PROUD of its existing businesses

and works closely with each to ensure the area is meeting their collective and individual needs. While the businesses that call Dickson County home represent a variety of industries, they are all supported by city, county and state government as well as the qualified and skilled workforce in and around Dickson County, Tennessee. Our community understands that the local economy is driven by the commerce and wages our companies generate and strive to support them in any way possible.

Currently, more than 30 companies have manufacturing sites in Dickson County, with 15 of those manufacturers boasting 75 or more employees. Other significant employers outside manufacturing include the Dickson County Board of Education, Walmart, Inc., Dickson County Government, Development Services of Dickson County, Dickson Medical Associates PC, and National Healthcare Corporation. Overall, 249 businesses of the total 2,400+ entities within the county have 20 or more employees.

The majority of the eligible workers (16 years and older) in Dickson County are employed in the services industry, which includes professional and business services as well as education, healthcare, leisure and hospitality. Other industries of note include manufacturing, construction and retail trade.

“Top officials are easily accessible and take a very personal interest in the success of businesses and their constituents. Every single city and county government official I have personally interacted with has greatly superseded expectations.”

Ron Crittendon, President & CEO, Zochem

“Our success is based on a combination of modern and high output equipment, low overhead and well-trained employees,”

Ralph Weiss, President, Bavarian Polymers

“We are pleased to be a part of the Dickson industrial community. We look forward to continuing operations and growth in Middle Tennessee and appreciate the support that state and local government have provided us since our start up in 2005.”

Bob Bowen, Dickson Plant Manager, Metrican

“This is an exciting time for our company, and we are very pleased to bring more job opportunities to the Dickson community. The expansion of our Dickson facility will allow us to address the growing demand we are experiencing in the appliance and automotive industries in the U.S.”

Jon Sisler, President & CEO, Sisler Manufacturing Group (TruForm Manufacturing)

Major Industrial Manufacturers
& Distributors (65+ Employees)

2022 Employed Population (16+) by Industry